Outsourcing Services

Our Outsourcing services consist of basic document scanning and other types data capture and conversion including high volume scanning of documents, drawings, plans, microfilms, x-rays and photographs. Major benefits of turning your documents into digital form are:

      • Risk management & no loss of information:

Although most companies conduct database backups regularly, they often omit physical paperwork backups. Document scanning and electronic archiving enables you to have backups of your documents on and off-site so that in case of any disaster those can be re-instated very quickly to ensure business continuity.

      • Reduced administration costs:

It is well known fact that finding hard copy business documents are resource hungry process and often costs the business many man hours. By utilizing a suitable electronic retrieval management system, time that spent locating your scanned documents can be reduced more than 50% by eliminating the time would have spent accessing, retrieving and re-filing, potentially misfiling of physical documents.

      • Eliminating wasted filing space:

Physical documents can take up quite large space which potentially could be used for other purposes. If you consider that a standard DVD would approximately 100,000 A4 pages of text, the space gain would be quite considerable.

      • Quality Control:

All documents are scanned to our externally audited BSI Quality Assurance procedures.

      • Document collection and delivery:

Documents will be collected and delivered by Doculand’s own courier service. Upon arrival into our processing centre, all incoming documents will be logged in and when they are delivered to you, our courier service will require signature to ensure safety. Electronic copy of the documents will be returned separately.