Large Format Document Scanning

Large Format Scan Services

Large format ScanningKeeping of plans and drawings on paper in sizes above A3 (two A4 size ordinary papers) is a challenge to most companies. If your organization has many drawings or plans greater in size than A3 currently in storage then DocuLand scanning bureau large format scanning service will be of great help to you.
We can provide both B/W and colour scanning of drawings, graphics, posters, etc. If you have any prints or plans up to A0 size, these can be processed at up to 800 dpi in full colour, mono (black and white), grayscale and lineart.
Storing and maintaining paper drawings is not only costly in floor space terms but in time and effort which is required each time a drawing has to be retrieved, copied, etc.
Although historic maps or drawings may only be referred to on an irregular basis, the overall library requires consistent maintenance to avoid decay and damage to archive drawings.
DocuLand follows a proficient and cost effective large format scanning procedure and is capable of processing engineering or architectural drawings rapidly without compromising the quality.

  • Scanned image to CAD file. This enables you to work on your drawings in the design package of your choice without the costly and lengthy process of redrawing from scratch.
  • Archiving of drawings, plans or maps to lower storage and retrieval costs. These can be scanned at 600 dpi which means approximate 1200 A1 drawings can fit onto a standard CD Rom.

DocuLand can create accurate DXF or DWG CAD drawings from sketches, hand drawings or hardcopy drawings where the CAD file is not available.
The CAD drawings are layered to your requirements and can use your title block, if supplied.
These drawings are traced and not vectorized using software conversion techniques. We charge a fixed price per sheet depending on the drawings size but completely independent of complexity. If you have amendments, you can mark-up the drawing and we will include it in our version.

Benefits of Large Format Scanning

  • Reduces the time spent on finding the plans and drawings.
  • Helps expand the storage area that currently in use to keep them.
  • Easier distribution via network.
  • Can be available to relevant users instantly.
  • 48 hours return time.
  • Free collection and delivery throughout the UK for large amounts.
  • Single or multi page TIFF scanning or PDF scanning available.
  • A3 / A2 / A1 / A0 high resolution scanning.
  • Scanned images can be emailed or sent to you on a disk (if large amounts), or uploaded on an FTP server.
  • Easy to retrieve.
  • Reduces storage space requirements.
  • Print and distribution facility.
  • Multi user availability.
  • No misplaced/misfiled drawings, no searching endless cabinets.
  • No damage from constant handling to original paper drawings.
Common Examples

  • Architectural Drawings.
  • Engineering Drawings.
  • Local Authority Plans.
  • Railway Signal ling Diagrams.
  • Traffic Management Plans.
  • Electronic Component Schematics.
  • Circuit Diagrams.
  • Mechanical building services.
  • Large format data sheets.
  • Incorporating plans.
  • Ductwork / Heating systems / Air conditioning.
  • Plant rooms.
  • Building services sector / Architecture.
  • Electrical building services.
  • Structural / Interior design.
  • Elevations / Sections.
  • Pipe work / Schematics.
  • Lighting/Power / Fire alarm / Communication & Data layouts.
  • Artwork & Drawings