Electronic File/Data Conversion Services

Apart from converting your paper documents into electronic format we can manipulate various electronic files you might already have, in order to enhance searching capabilities or to suit any other document management needs you might have.

OCR or Optical Character Recognition refers to technologies that involve interpreting scanned images into searchable text. OCR enables users to search for and retrieve information within a file or page. It enables users to execute searches, that once required hours or days to complete, in seconds. To provide our customers with the optimal OCR accuracy we use the most advanced Optical Character Recognition technologies and processes in the industry. It is important to know that the quality and condition of a paper document or source image file are key factors in the successful recognition of characters to create readable text. By enhancing the quality of scanned original page, such as: advanced color filter technologies to remove any page background colors, multi-light image capture technologies to remove any shadows cast by page creases that could impact image quality or recognition accuracy, we achieve great rates of accuracy.

However, the software is never 100% perfect, therefore, we offer various levels of service which attract different prices. These range from the basic delivery of the OCR software output (without any human checking or correction) or delivery of a fully verified and corrected version.

Data Conversion Options

  • Zonal OCR for Automated Indexing
  • Convertion from Microsoft office packages to PDF
  • Convertion from Microsoft Office Word, Powerpoint to PDF
  • Convertion from JPG, TIFF, GIF to PDF
  • CD, DVD Duplication
  • Audio Tape Duplication
  • USB Memory Stick Duplication
  • Hard Drive Duplication
  • Video File Conversions (i.e. AVI to MPEG)
  • Audio Tape to CD/MP3
  • Audio File Conversions (i.e. WAV to MP3)
  • Video Tape to DVD/BluRay conversions

  • Objective Coding – Indexing documents by fields, including date, author, title, type, to, from, recipient, CC, etc.
  • Subjective Coding – Indexing by summarization.
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) – Converting a scanned image that contains text into an electronic file that can be edited and searched.