Document Shredding

Shredding documents

Shredding ServicesDocuLand provideĀ paper shredding, confidential waste disposal, high security shredding, waste recycling, disposal of redundant IT equipment, and secure data destruction throughout UK.
When your critical documents are outdated, you can safely leave their destruction to DocuLand knowing they’ll be handled professionally and confidentially. As part of our life cycle management of documents, we can help you determine the best retention schedules for your information and be the source when it is time to destroy your obsolete records.

Why Document Shredding
  • Reduce overall company disposal costs
  • Garbage and recycling are not secure methods of disposal (in most cases, dumpster diving is legal)
  • Increase protection from various frauds: Corporate espionage, ID theft (your own and your customers), Credit card theft, etc.
  • Protect R&D information, as well as proprietary data and trade secrets
  • Internal destruction is too time consuming and expensive
  • Ongoing destruction is more cost effective than storing for a year and conducting a mass purge and destroy session
  • Meet legal and audit requirements

At DocuLand we understand that confidentiality is essential when managing the destruction of your important documents. For that reason, we use:

  • Secure, locked consoles
  • Extensively trained staff
  • Extra fine cutting tool for thorough destruction

Shredding Services

  • Mobile on-site shredding. All the shredding is carried out in your premises.
  • High Security off-site shredding. Shredding is carried by our vetted personnel in our secure facilities.
  • Provide high security shredders, secure containers, lockable security bins and secure cabinets.

Environmentally Friendly

DocuLand is an environmentally friendly organization, and all shredded materials are recycled.