In-House Scanning Services

In addition to our bureau based services we can offer On-Site Scanning.

Secure process of On-Site Scanning gives you complete piece of mind, by fulfilling all your scanning needs at your premises, giving you confidence that your documents are safe and secure.

DocuLand understands that some documents contain sensitive information (resumes, medical records, financial information, legal documents, etc.) and can not leave the site.

DocuLand has an experienced team of document scanning personnel available for remote on-site scanning projects. If your documents are required to be processed on site, we can arrange an onsite production team to travel to your location and setup document scanning capabilities.

Depending on the volume and turnaround required we can allocate one or two individuals, to an entire team. We supply all of the software, hardware and personnel required to complete the project.

Key Benefits

This service can be used where:

  • Documents can’t be removed from site due to their highly confidential nature such as legal files, financial, rare documents.
  • Documents are in constant use.
  • In some cases, setting up your own system in-house may be the most suitable option for you. We can provide you with appropriate scanner, software, and the training for your staff in its use.

In-House Services

We provide:

  • The Staff. All our on-site scanning jobs will have one dedicated team assigned to it until it is completed. A confidentiality / non disclosure agreement will be signed between ourselves and you the client before any work commences.
  • Project management in the form of senior staff to supervise the clients’ own personnel and help them if necessary.
  • Hardware such as scanners, storage and indexing stations.