archive_shelvesDocuLand offer a range of storage solutions to help your business.

We can supply boxes for the filing of you documents and will provide each box with a unique barcode to ensure ease of retrieval from our archive storage.

Fast collections can be arranged as required and we can tailor a solution to meet your storage requirements. Our data storage packages are cost effective solutions, allowing your business to meet certain insurance criteria by having your back up tapes stored off site at our facility. Fast retrieval can be arrange as required.


We are happy to provide staff to work at your site, to pack and log your goods, before delivering them to our facility for the storage term. Boxes are given a unique reference number and barcode before being entered into our database, giving you a peace of mind that your documents can be located efficiently, whenever required.

With your archives, boxed and stored, we provide fast collections and retrieval, with our vehicles delivering daily in and around central London. Collections can be arranged within 24 hours.


Once your boxes are in store at DocuLand, retrievals can be arranged by email or phone. Once you have selected the boxes to receive, they will be delivered to you the next day by one of our vehicles. Same day and emergency retrievals can also be requested. Your documents will reach you when you require them. Documents can be delivered or scanned and emailed, as and when you require.


When the storage term is complete, we can arrange secure destruction of your documents. Certificate of Destruction is given on all documents which are destroyed.