Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition

OCR searchOCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. The OCR conversion process converts an image file into a text file then the text file can be searched or edited in a word processor or other text-based application such as MS Word.
To provide our customers with the optimal OCR accuracy we use the most advanced Optical Character Recognition technologies and processes in the industry. It is important to know that the quality and condition of a paper document are key factors in the successful recognition of characters to create searchable text. By enhancing the quality of scanned original page with tools such as advanced color filter technologies to remove any page background colors, multi-light image capture technologies to remove any shadows cast by page creases that could impact image quality or recognition accuracy we achieve great rates of accuracy. However, the software is never 100% perfect, therefore, we offer various levels of service which attract different prices. These range from the basic delivery of the OCR software output (without any human checking or correction) or delivery of a fully verified and corrected version.

OCR Conversion Options

DocuLand offers high accuracy OCR through our conversion services department. We manage wide range variety of jobs from 20 pages documents to millions of pages.
OCR or Optical Character Recognition refers to technologies that involve interpreting scanned images into searchable text. OCR enables users to search for and retrieve information within a file or page. Searches that once required hours or days to complete can now be done in seconds.

Auto OCR. This is a useful low-lost option if your aim is to convert documents into plain text and then plan on doing on your own editing. We will scan your documents and process them through our OCR software and give the results back to you in the format you require (.txt, .doc, .docx or other) in a language of your choice (currently up to 32 languages) and completely unedited. The level of accuracy ranges between 90%-99.6% depending on the quality of originals.

Full OCR. It would be right choice if your aim is to convert paper forms or documents into electronic environment so they can be edited or published on a CD or the Web. This process of conversion into accurate documents can be burdensome, especially where complex graphics and tables exist in the originals.

Benefits of OCR

  • Simplifies the process of searching specific keywords in a large volume of documents thus speeding up the review process.
  • Provides an alternative to data entry by means of searching and replacing certain keywords within document(s), or can be part of a mixed data entry/OCR process.
  • Accelerate document driven business process.
  • Secure capture of business critical information.
  • Release space.
  • Reduce cost of keeping and maintaining your documents and data.
  • Enables better risk management and loss of information.
  • Instant access to your stored documents.
  • Reduce cost and misfiled documents.
  • Secure capture of business critical information.
Our OCR Services

  • Access to the most advanced OCR software on the market.
  • High accuracy results – 98% fewer errors than conventional OCR for your entire project.
  • Optional character confidence reporting – If you wish to perform verification, we can provide the most accuracy “suspect” character marking of any OCR product.
  • Support for a variety of Image Resolutions – 200, 240, 300, 400, 600 including Standard FAX.