Copying Services

Copying Services

Copying Services

Operating 24/7, DocuLand black & white and colour copying services meet the exact demands of legal firms, financial, engineering, government organisations and other document-critical disciplines.

We can copy any size up to B0. Our trademark is our ability to deliver high-priority jobs, to demanding specifications – and consistently meet quality requirements & delivery deadlines, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Multipoint quality checking eliminates errors – the finished product you receive is exactly what you have requested, and your business critical documents remain secure with us at all times – from collection to delivery. Doculands’ Copying department utilises the latest scan-once-print-many equipment from leading manufacturers which means we have the right machines to print your job at an affordable price.

Document copying continues to be an essential service to law firms and other document critical professions. At Doculand we understand the importance of detail and quality and we offer a custom service completely built around the needs of each customer and their specific requirements. We offer our clients a secure environment, precise document control procedures and each DocuLand operator has signed a comprehensive Confidentiality Agreement so you can be assured that we are taking care of your documents throughout the lifecycle of our dealings with your papers. Above all, security and confidentiality are fundamental to the services we provide. Our reputation has been built on the processing and production of confidential documents. We offer our clients a secure environment and detailed document control procedures.

We categorize our copying services by the level of difficulty and ease of production:

Run Through Production: Originals that are easily fed through a copiers document feeder. These have no staples or clipped sections, and are the same sized originals.

Light Document Production: Originals that are easily fed through a copier document feeder. These may have some stapled and clipped sections, but for the most part are good quality, same sized originals, but slow the copying down.

Medium Document Production: Originals with mostly stapled and clipped sections of similar sizes, including file folders and tabs which need to be copied or duplicated in to the copies. These jobs require more handling and organization. Occasionally, small receipts or smaller sized originals may be mixed in.

Heavy Document Production: The originals have mixed sizes or colour sheets, such as A3, A4, receipts, large format plans, drawings and coloured paper. These documents may also be poor contrast documents that require adjustments to produce an acceptable copy. Originals may need to be unbound and rebound in order to copy. In some case the spines/bindings may need to be removed (upon client approval). This type of work may also require only specific sections to be copied, requiring the operator to sort through originals.

Glass Work: When at least 10% of the originals require the operator to place the document directly on the copier glass for copying. Extremely poor originals such as a fax paper, odd-sized originals, cheque stubs, receipts, etc., that requires extensive handling and analysis on a page-by-page basis in order to produce a high quality copy. Also, when spines cannot be removed from a book that needs to be copied page by page on the glass.